Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Reunion & next batch of referrals

Mom w/her sisters
Travis & Matt
K & K on a walk

We had a great time at our family reunion in Omaha over the weekend. Our hosts (my cousin, Terry & his wife) did a beautiful job setting everything up at Mahoney State Park. The park had a lodge, cabins, campgrounds & lots to do. Many of us went to the water park on-site & a few people played mini golf in addition to consuming the endless amounts of food.

We also had a chance to visit with my cousin Tara & her family in Colorado before heading east to Nebraska. They have a beautiful new home that they opened up to us. There were a couple fo beautiful sunsets that we watched over the mountains in the distance.

When we got back we discovered the next group of referrals were sent out bringing us to 11/14/05. We are only 9 LID's away from ours!! We are looking at a September referral & likely late October/early Nov travel. It's starting to feel a little more real now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cozy Dogs & Waffles

We have found some wonderful places to eat on Route 66. There are chain restaurants a plenty on the Interstate but in getting off to follow the original road we have found some great establishments that have been there for years. One such place is Cozy Dog located in Springfield, Illinois. This is the place where it is said that corn dogs were invented. They do not call them Corn Dogs & if anyone tries to call them that, they will correct you.

There are plenty of small mom & pop places with wonderful food. We ate at a place in Santa Rosa, NM called the Route 66 Cafe. We had a great breakfast there one day. There are a couple of chain restaurants that we do not have in MN that we have relished eating at on some of the days. Two of our favorites are Waffle House & Taco Cabana.

We have seen some beautiful countryside & met some interesting people. We see some of the same people who are on a similar journey to us at the well known places. One such pair are a father & son riding a Harley along the route. We have run into them 3 times. We have had rain daily so they are toughing it out on their bike.

The hotels we have stayed at are also landmarks of the by-gone era. Two in particular are the Munger Moss in MO & the Blue Swallow in NM. These are your typical roadside motels like my grandparents used to own in my childhood. I can greatly appreciate everything that goes into running such places.

We are now heading north to CO to see family & are sad to leave the route. There are many memories that we experienced & places for future visits that have noted.

Monday, July 2, 2007

In search of pink elephants & blue whales

Well, we have officially started our Route 66 trip. We left out of Minneapolis & followed the Great River Road out of Minnesota & thru Northern Iowa & eventually to Bloomington, IL where we picked up old Route 66. We have been trying to stay on the Route as much as possible staying off the Interstate.

We have seen some beautiful scenery and a few sad scenes of old businesses that were likely once thriving in the heyday of the Route 66 traveling days. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the views in Missouri & didn't realize that so many vineyards existed in middle America. There have been some bizarre sights like the pink elephant outside of the Isle of Capri Riverboat Casino in Iowa. We also spent 1/2 hour in search of the elusive Blue Whale Park outside of Catoosa, OK. All in all the trip has exceeded expectations & we're having a great time.