Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, May 20, 2011

Surgery for Zeke

This past Wednesday Zeke had cleft palate repair surgery. Things have gone relatively well & we are continually amazed at what a trooper our son can be.

The team at Children's Hospital did an amazing job and we were so blessed by all of the staff. We had wonderful nurses that really did so great with Zeke & word got out that he was a pretty amazing patient. He is very good at taking medicine and was very compliant everytime they came in his room to take vitals during his 30 hour stay.

His mouth is very sore and he is not enjoying any food or drink right now. For the next two weeks he will have to eat only mashed or pureed food so we will need to be creative.

Thanks for all of the thoughts & prayers, they have helped sustain us during this time.

Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adoption Agency's Journey of Hope Kids- Open house this Saturday

Our adoption agency has been given the special honor of participating in the Journey of Hope Program. This program allows agencies to have specific children from China assigned to them for 5 months in hopes that they will find homes for the kids. Our agency is having an open house this week to allow potential families to see photos, videos & get information about approx 40 kids ages 3-13. Some of the kids have medical conditions, some are healthy & a bit older. Please pass the word along to any families you know that may be interested in adoption.

The open house will be this Saturday May 14th, 9:30-Noon at Crossroads Adoption Services 7600 Parklawn Ave, Suite 352, Minneapolis, MN. Their phone # is: 952.831.5707

We have worked with Crossroads for both adoptions & can vouch for their excellence & personal touch.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special ladies in my life

I didn't get to post on Mother's Day but I wanted to post about a few special ladies in my life. I have at least 4 special women that have meant a lot to me & my kids & so many more but I wanted to write about these 4 in particular. My kids are so blessed to have many grandmothers & aunts that love them dearly.

First there is my mom- I am so grateful for her giving me life & now that I am a mother myself I appreciate more & more the sacrifices in her life that gave up for her kids. I am sure she had dreams that she put on hold to raise her family, and for that I am grateful. The kids like to visit 'Grandma Mommy' as they call her.

Next there is my mother-in-law- Grandma Linda. The obvious fact that she gave life to Matt is one thing, but her continual sacrifice for her kids & grand kids is amazing. On any given weekend she has at least one of her grand kids with her. She will always have a special spot in Zeke's life since she was there the day his history with our family began.

Another lady that has a special spot in my life is my step-mom. Although she & my dad were only married 6 short years before he passed away, she is still someone special to our family. The kids know her as Grandma 'Nore

Lastly, Matt's Aunt Janita has become another special person that I am blessed to have in my life. She has the patience of a saint with the kids and they love their 'Aunite Nia' - Maddy in particular because she is allowed to eat honey with a spoon at auntie's house.

I know these 4 will eventually read this post, so I just want to send you all a special hug & a big thank you for being part of my life.