Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our 3 year old

2011- Our big boy is Three! We are thankful to have him home:

2010 - Yang Yang got his care package around this time last year:

We now officially have a 3 year old boy in our house. This past weekend we had a birthday party for him which included lots of sugar & many kids running around. It was a nice party for Zeke & made us think back to a year ago when he was still in China & we were anxiously waiting to hear about our final approval. We had arranged for a care package & a cake to be sent to him along with a camera. It wasn't until 4 months after that we got to actually know that he got it & see the pictures of his orphanage party:

Zeke has grown so much & in so many ways in the past 8 months that it's hard to believe he's the same kid we first saw in Wuhan at the Civil Affairs Office. He has grown 2 inches, is using many sentences now, asks a lot of questions, loves to give his sister a hard time (like every little brother should) & has discovered many foods that he likes. We are blessed by how sweet he is & how he shares so much with his sister. He also very grateful & says thank you for almost anything you give him.

For his party we did a Toy Story Theme complete with a pinata. A few of the kids weren't sure about what to expect and when the 'magic string' was pulled (& only a few pieces of candy fell out) they followed the lead of the older kids to dive for the few pieces on the ground. Once we gave the pinata a shake a shower of candy ensued & little kids were getting hit on the head with suckers, laffy taffy & other tasty treats. I don't think anyone was seriously injured but it was quite a sight to behold.