Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

18 months old today

Today Maddy is 18 months old! Here are a few things that we love about her....

1. How she adds 'ooo' or 'eee' on the end of words- park is parkoo or parkee, out is outoo, bike is bikee

2. How she loves her dolly & teddy and has one on either side of her when she goes to sleep each night

3. How she has really come to love Hi-5 & says 'five' with her hand in the air when she wants to watch the show. Also how she does the sign for more when the show is over to watch another episode (thank God for On Demand & DVR).

4. How she has gotten lazy with her 'all done' and half the time it's more like ay-ya.

5. How much she seems to love dogs & squeals 'dog-dog' in delight everytime she sees a dog of any shape or size.

6. How she goes up to something she's not supposed to touch & says 'no, no, no.' (Recent she did this while sitting on our poor cat).


Beth said...

Happy 18 mo! Another big day! CUTE dress in the photo too. :)

Kelly & Sindy said...

What a beautiful dress! Happy
18 months!!! Congrats on the

Take Care,

Sindy :-) xx

Louanne said...

Happy 18 months!! I love all the things you love about your sweet one.

Tracy said...

Charlotte loves Hi-5, too! So cute (and I like watching it, too). Happy 18 months sweet girl!