Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall in all of it's glory

This week must be peak week in Minneapolis for the fall colors. All week as I've walked to & from the bus the sights have been magnificent. All the reds, oranges, yellows & greens are so vibrant- this is truly my favorite time of year. If I ever had to move away from this part of the country, I know that I would be sad to not have the change of seasons.

Ever since I was a child in school, I always felt like fall was a kind of new beginning. I know this is mainly attributed to starting a new school year, but even now after being out of school for years, I still see fall as a fresh start for things. Here are some of the scenes that I saw this afternoon on my walk home:

This is in downtown Minneapolis by my bus stop

These 2 above were on my walk home by our neighborhood

This is our tree in front of our house


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Beautiful pictures!

Tracy said...

Best time of year in MN! We are so lucky that all the Saturdays this Fall have been such beautiful weather, too.

Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, they are just beautiful!!!!

Louanne said...

Those are wonderful photos!