Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, February 20, 2009

$162 cup of tea

Today my car got towed by Minneapolis' finest while I was having coffee with a friend. It was parked at a meter that allegedly has no parking 4-6 pm but it wasn't marked very well. The worst part of it was that Maddy was with me & daddy is out of town for 2 weeks. Talk about horrible timing! Thankfully I was able to call Matt's Uncle Bob (thank you!!) & he came to the rescue.

Maddy was so sweet during the whole thing though. She could tell that I was upset & said 'It's ok Mommy' kisses' & she gave me a kiss. Kids are just so smart & have a knack for knowing the situation for what it is.

I am glad though that it was towed & not stolen. I wasn't sure at first when I saw it gone if it has been stolen & then as I was calling to get the Impound Lot # I saw the truck roll by with my car on the back.

I have been off this week & have not taken 1 picture, I guess it's a little hectic trying to be a solo parent for 2 weeks.

I did manage to find this photo from a recent archive of an adorable outfit Maddy wore to church a couple of weeks ago (thanks Amy for passing on the blazer).


Kiy said...

Oh no! But on the other hand, how terribly sweet of your little darling. I am impressed that you kept your head. I am not sure how/what I would have done. Kudos to you.

Hope your day is better!


Jodi said...

How frustrating!!! Way to go Maddy for cheering mom up.

Louanne said...

That's a bummer, but I am glad that Maddy was so sweet.

Jeff and Amy said...

Think I would have freaked!! Seems little ones know just the right time to be sweet:) Love the outfit on Maddy, I keep saying I need to take pictures every Sunday of Lily in her dresses and I never do??

Shelle said...

Maddy is so sweet! I'm so sorry that happened and all while Matt was out of town.

Now go get that camera fired-up!

Allie and Hannah said...


So sorry to hear about your car
situation!!! I would of freaked!
I recieved your beautiful fabric
& square...The ChinaDoll fabric
I used for the backing of Allie's
big quilt, I'm happy Hannah will
have some too. I also loved the
other fabric too. Congrats on
your paperwork moving forward I
am getting antsy and calling NBC



Thanks Again :-) xo

Amy said...

Is that the jacket I gave away? She looks so cute! Sorry about your car ... figures it happens when Matt's gone.

Dawn S. said...

Oh. WOW. I can't believe you didn't tell us this on Saturday! Maybe it still smarted too much. Poor Tanya!! Program me in your phone, ok? :( Glad you had someone to help out. This reminds me of when we were moving to MN YEARS ago and my dad was driving the moving truck through New Mexico and was trying to show our cat the litter box on the passenger floor. He went off the road and got stuck in the thick NM mud and had to get a tow. We got that cat for free originally, but from then on, he called her the $200 cat. (ps. this may be my longest comment to date!)