Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wonderful birthday

Today is my birthday, heading into the last year of my thirties. I really don't get very caught up in the age thing, so I am actually looking forward to hitting a milestone year next year. Especially because my milestone birthdays always coincide with our milestone wedding anniversaries (every 5 years we try to take a major trip to celebrate).

I had a wonderful day (despite having to work) & was really blessed by the cards I got from Matt & Maddy. They came to pick me up from work & Maddy proudly held her card in her hand saying 'Look what I did Mommy, this is for you' She had drawn in the card & on the envelope, so sweet. We went out for a nice dinner & then to cap the day off, I came home to a beautiful vase of roses.

I also got a lot of nice calls & shout outs on Facebook from family & friends. I can say today that I am truly blessed and grateful for another year of life.

Here are pictures:


Beach Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Not to worry, the 40's are better:)!

Tracy said...

I like your attitude about turning 40. I am two years away and already depressed - LOL. Maddy's hair is getting so long! So glad you had an awesome birthday.

Louanne said...

I love it! Age doesn't phase me either. Mike just turned 43 and he is like, "so what? I love my life"

The card thing is awesome.

GrizzlyAdam said...

Happy Belated!!

Shelle said...

Happy belated birthday! (I've been blog neglectful lately) Never in a million years would I have guessed you were on the verge of your fourth decade. There's nothing to turning 40, unless someone throws you a huge surprise party ;)