Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finger painting fun

We've been doing a lot of work outside to get a garden planted, flower beds weeded & also put a patio in. I have had to be a little creative with different activities to keep Maddy in my site & out of trouble as she loves to wander off into the garage or out into our alley. Today, I brought the finger paints out & shed loved them. Here are a few pictures plus a couple of plant photos of things I've planted so far.


Jodi said...

An artist in the making!

Chris said...

Looks like Maddie had a great time with the fingerpaints! It sure is hard to get things done and keep an eye on the little ones, isn't it?! Your plants/flowers look beautiful!

June said...

It looks like Maddie really enjoyed her fingerprinting experience. What a great idea to keep the little one busy while you can get some yard work done!

Louanne said...

Oh I love that. Nadia was in the bottom of my hutch today where all the crafts are and begging for paint, but we were too close to dinner.

And I like your flowers.

Tracy said...

Too cute. I should probably get fingerpaints for Charlotte - LOL!

Ot's been so long since we have seen Maddy. Her hair is so long!

Mama to virtual twins said...




Jeff and Amy said...

You are daring!! Lily wanted to help paint the kitchen the other day and I had to say, NO bad mommy. LOL

Louanne said...

I had to come back and say that I am going to need a flower intervention soon. Nadia has just changed my world. I never went outside before and we certainly have never done stuff to our yard, but now I am out there all the time with her. She loves it.