Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Easter. On Saturday, we did the annual egg hunt at our church. This is always special and being Zeke's first Easter it was extra special. I had double duty with the kids since Matt was enlisted to help out so I gave Maddy her egg hunt marching orders & helped Zeke with his hunt. Part of me felt bad needing to leave Maddy on her own, but when I saw the result my guilty feelings quickly left. The final count was Maddy 28, Zeke 3.

On Saturday evening we dyed eggs- this was out first year as a family doing this since previous years we felt that Maddy was too young. The kids had a lot of fun but dad was a bit of an Easter Grinch. For some reason he doesn't have the same fond egg dying memories from his youth as I do. When I was growing up my parents would hid the eggs we dyed but I decided it seemed a little risky to carry on this tradition for fear of losing track of some eggs.

Our church did a wonderful Lord's Living Supper that Matt participated in Sunday morning. He was Matthew the Taxpayer of course. It was great seeing the Last Supper come to life.

In the afternoon we headed out to Matt's cousin's house for more fun, good food & another egg hunt. Zeke remembered the drill from the previous day and really racked up this time. One cute moment of the day was Zeke helping his same age cousin, Luke, add candy to his bag.

This year it was special not only being Zeke's first year, but also hearing Maddy tell me about the real meaning of Easter. We read the stories of the Passion Week each day and she was able to tell me parts when she heard & saw things. I am truly blessed to have a family to share these great memories with and to be able to create traditions of our own.

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Dan and Karen said...

Precious beyond words Tanya! This year Danika told us the Easter story too and Sienna chimed in with her "Hosanna, Jesus is risen" - melts a Mama's heart.

I loved your photos and your description of your wonderful day. I love coloring eggs too...Matt, the tax collecter...get with it! :-)