Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Looking like we are next!

Well the next round of referrals should be here this week & it is rumored that they will go thru 11/21/05. This means that our LID of 11/23/05 would be in the next batch that will come out in early September!!!! We are so excited to be able to finally say that. It's not 100% guarantee but about 95% sure that we would be getting our baby's picture & info right after Labor Day. (no pun intended : )

Please keep us in your prayers over this next month as this will be one of the hardest parts of this 2 year wait yet. We are so close, but yet so far. This time of the month (pre-referrals) is always a little nerve racking because we want so badly to know when we will be able to get Madison. But this final month will be extra hard. Thankfully we have a lot planned for August so I am hoping that it will fly by.

We had an awesome time last weekend between the Scavenger Hunt for the church youth on Friday & meeting with our China Adoption friends that we met on the Internet on Saturday. Some of the families have travelled to China & have their babies now so it was fun to see the beautiful little girls they were blessed with. This gives us hope to continue on our journey knowing that the end of one part is near & the beginning of another is after that.


Shannon said...

Happy Next time!!! Woohoo!!!

Tracy said...

Wow - this is it! Just one more month before we see our little one's faces. We should do lunch again this month.


RoLo said...

Sounds like you had a super weekend:) I cant wait for you to finally get your referral