Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sometimes sleep costs $3 a gallon

With sleep being a precious commodity at our house lately, we have come to appreciate the times that Maddy falls asleep in the car. The key is to make it into the house & putting her in the crib without waking her up. It reminds me of the recent MasterCard commercials:

1 Pink Winnie the Pooh snowsuit= $ 25
1 Car seat = $150
1 gallon of gas = $3
1 hour of non-stop sleep = priceless!

We have been getting the house already for Christmas, little by little. Maddy helped us decorate the tree and has suprisingly stayed away from it for the most part. We have been visitng great grandparents and going into our work places. It has been a busy couple of weeks.

The time is going by too fast before I return to work! Only 4 weeks from Monday until the big day. I am hoping before I return to post some China travel tips for those of you still waiting for baby. Nap time is almost over, gotta go!

Decorating the tree

Thanks Auntie Janita!

Hanging with my grandparents (& greats)


Tracy said...

So cute!! It was great seeing her last night. She is so tiny - hard to believe she is only 4.5 months younger than Charlotte! I hope she starts sleeping better soon - for all your sake!


Amy Fine said...

Hi Tonya & Matt...
I have to share my sleeping woes with you. The first 6 months of Elliott's life he just did not sleep. period. 8 hours in any given 24 hour time stretch was his max. Months 6-10 he did much better at night time, but still refused daytime naps other than 15 minutes here and there. Life was a blur, especially when working full-time. It's hard to function on little or interrupted sleep for that long. But then at 10 months we hit the sleep jackpot...and truly, the sleepless nights are but a memory. Although I had to get used to a baby that wakes up by 5:30 every day ready to rock n'roll! You just need to look at everything as a phase. Just when you get something figured out, the baby will change it up.

Enjoy your first Christmas with your beautiful baby!

Amy said...

The tree looks great! Olivia's been really good around the tree. She just likes to touch each ornament :)

RoLo said...

so precious

Amy said...

It was great seeing you guys yesterday! Olivia was asleep as soon as I got her buckled up in the car. Look forward to seeing you again :) Merry Christmas!