Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 weeks today since we met Maddy

It was 3 weeks ago today that our daughter forever came into our lives. Last night we were watching the video from that day & are amazed at how much has changed in 3 short weeks. The video showed a scared little girl that was unsure of these 2 people making a fuss over her compared to today where she just expects it from us & makes quite a stink if she doesn't have our undivided attention. We are able to make her laugh now where as that night she really didn't even want to crack a smile. We are amazed every day at this beautiful blessing that God has bestowed on us.

We have pretty much gotten over the jet lag but are still working getting a little more sleep at night. Hopefully that will come in time. Maddy has picked up crawling like a pro and is getting herself into all kinds of stuff. She is a great eater & loves mashed potatoes. In fact she likes them so much when we ran out the other night we had a major dinner time melt down! She has really taken to the cat & dog, both of which have been great sports when it comes to her going after them with a vengeance.

There is a family which many of you may have heard about in Michigan that I ask you to keep in your prayers. The husband died while they were in China shortly after the adoption of their daughter was finalized. She is now faced with coming home & not only burying her husband but also starting life with a new baby alone. This couple had been married for 19 years & had been wanting for a child for a long time. Our hearts & prayers truly go out to this family.

I am attaching a few pictures of visitors & life @ home (including a new use daddy found for the recalled Bumbo).


Dan & Karen Herman said...

what a cutie. how precious

Dan & Karen

Amy said...

Oh what a cutie! I hope to see you soon :) Amy - Group 91

Muriel Pfeifer said...

I love her, she is so expressive! We'll see you Thanksgiving.

RoLo said...

Just love the yoghurt face