Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, June 13, 2008


Maddy's new favorite toy is her 'Teddy.' He has to go everywhere with her. Yesterday she insisted on having him at breakfast so Daddy out a bib on him & put a banana under his arm in a chair at the table. She thought that was pretty funny & said 'silly' to Daddy.

They also went out for a bike ride & she insisted that he ride along with her in the trailer. Unfortunately, we don't have a bike helmet that will fit him so rides at his own risk : )

Here is a page I made dedicated to Teddy:


Tracy said...

Very cute! I should do a "Much Loved Pooh Lovey" page :)

Jeff and Amy said...

Oh, how sweet!!! Like your new photo on your template too :)

Beth said...

Adorable! So far we just have the blanket here, but Hope is pretending more and more so I'm sure her dolls and animals will become more important.

I like the birthday photos below, too. Maddy looks so tiny. :) Beautiful girls!