Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend fun & another round of tag

Ruby, Maddy & Libby
Maddy with the tiger

We had fun this weekend, going to Como Zoo. We were supposed to be meeting up with our Red Thread friends but were running a little late so we missed the group. We ran into another late comer (Diana, Ainsley & Ruby- thanks for the picture!) and got to meet a couple of new families so that was fun and it turned out to be a nice day. Above are a couple of photos.

On Saturday we also went to a surprise party for Matt's cousin Anne (who turned 30). Maddy got to play with several of her cousins. I think the sweetest moment of the day was when her 2 year old cousin Isaac found her sippie cup on the ground and brought it over to her. What a true gentleman! (I'll do another post with a slide show from this)

Lastly, Maddy got to meet her great Grandma Vi for the first time. That was very special. I am having a hard time adding more pics so that will get added to the slide show.

Also, Tracy from A Red Thread to China tagged me so here goes-

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago I was still working for the same company, living in a different house & getting ready to go on a mission trip to the Fiji Islands.

2) What are five things on my to-do list today (not in any particular order)? Maddy's down for the night so anything goes. Pretty much sleep, sleep, & more sleep.

3) What snacks do I enjoy? Dark chocolate, chips with guac, skim lattes & an occasional bag of Carmel corn from a popcorn stand in the skyway downtown Minneapolis.

4) What are some places I've lived? Amery, WI; Syracuse, NY; Madras, India, Montpellier, France; Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, & Robbinsdale, MN

5) What things would I do if I were a billionaire? Give bunches to Half the Sky, Sharing & Caring Hands, World Vision, etc. Buy a farm/ranch somewhere in MN or WI with a lot of acreage so I could open a retreat center, buy a house on the ocean somewhere and invest the rest so I could do random acts of kindness often. I've also always dreamed of opening a tea house or a coffee shop so maybe do something like that too.

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Amy said...

Sorry we missed you! Glad you met up with others & had fun :)