Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival and Birthday Party

We had a busy day on Saturday. We met up with the MN Red Thread Group in the morning to take in some of the sights, sounds & smells at the Annual Dragon Boat fest. In the afternoon we headed to a double header 1st birthday party for 2 of Maddy's friends/ God sister. It was a splash party with 2 little pools & a Slip n Slide. Maddy loves water so she had an awesome time and was pretty upset with mommy when it came time to get out of the water because she was shivering so badly.

Here are a few photos, we managed to get a group photo which was a big feat considering all of the adults, kids & multiple cameras in different directions.

Ring around the rosy

Maddy & Grandma watching the Opening Ceremony

Ogling the new referral pictures : )

Birthday girl 1

Birthday girl 2

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Kelly & Sindy said...


Looks like a great time had
by all!!! I wish I could of
gone! Hope your all doing well

Take Care,