Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Great Milk Showdown

While Matt was away, I tried to take Maddy's milk sippy cup away (which was essentially her first transition cup from a bottle so it's pretty much like a bottle). She likes to pull on the rubber sippy part & one day while we were settling in for nap time with a book & her cup she pulled the top right out with her teeth spilling milk all over me, her and the rocking chair. I threw the cup away telling her 'all done.'

Would you believe that for the next 5 days she refused milk in any cup! I tried the 3 different styles of cups we have for her and she would have nothing to do with them if they contained milk (water & juice were fine, but milk no way!) Being concerned that she hadn't had any milk in almost a week, I finally broke down and bought her another Nuk cup like the one I threw away. Wouldn't you know that little turkey picked it up right away and drank every drop of milk from it!

Maddy 1 Mommy 0 on the great milk showdown, this will not be the last of it though.


Beth said...

Too funny! DANG! These kids are smart! One idea...have you tried a straw? Hope usually will drink more if she has it through a straw. I guess it must just be the novelty. Who knows. Also...chocolate milk and warm milk always go down easier too. Good luck MOM. I'm pulling for you. :)

Muriel Pfeifer said...

Seems to me I went through a similar thing with YOU!

Jeff and Amy said...

They can definatley be stubborn little stinkers can't they, but as the males in the house always say, "man if she weren't so cute". LOL

One Fine Lady said...

We had a terrible transition time as well. I guess it depends on how stubborn your child is! Elliott can out-stubborn me any day. I have stopped keeping score on who wins because it's just depressing :-)