Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, December 1, 2008

Amazing song & video

I saw this video on another blog & had to post this. This song 'Merry Christmas' by Third Day really meant a lot to me when we were waiting for Maddy. I am thankful that Maddy didn't have to spend a Christmas without us since she was born in February, but I am also sad for all of the children (in China & around the world, including this country) that will spend another Christmas without a Forever Family to love them.

This video also touched me because the family adopted from Jiangxi where Maddy was from so I am seeing some of the same places we sat & went. The room where we first met Maddy has a very distinct dark wood, so that really caught me breath to see this in combo with such a beautiful song.


bigxq said...

Thank you for posting the video by Third Day. As each one of us listen to it, I'm sure many warm thoughts are floating towards the children in need. Happy Holidays to your family! Dena

Jeff and Amy said...

So touching, I remember that song coming out our last Christmas before Lily and just weeping but knowing their was a light coming. Hugs to all those still waiting I remember

Allie's Mama said...


I had never heard that song before
It is so beautiful and thanks for
posting it. Seems very fitting
this year. Hope all is well on
your side of the country.

Many Hugs,