Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, December 22, 2008

Making cookies

This year, since Maddy has really gotten into the Gingerbread Man story & her doll she got from Grandma for Christmas last year, I decided to try making gingerbread man cookies. Mind you, I am not Martha Stewart & most of the cookies I bake come from a plastic tube or a bucket so this was quite an undertaking. I could have bought the pre-made kits they were selling at work, but I wanted to hold true to the story (they mix, the dough, cut out the shape, .....). Daddy was a great help in the mixing & rolling because I had no idea gingerbread cookie mix turns into such a thick consistency.

My biggest mistake was not getting enough or the right frosting to let Maddy really go to town with decorating. She was having fun & wanted to do it 'self' as she says, so she got a little crabby with mom for trying to ration & help her. I saved some to frost as a Christmas Eve activity & I may even attempt to make my own frosting. Anyone have any good cookie frosting recipes (that will actually dry on the cookie?)

Mixing the dough with Daddy

Cutting out the shape with Mommy

Decorating by herself

The result (with a little help from Mom)

This was the gingerbread monster Matt made out of the leftover dough


Jodi said...

My girls still think frosting 1 cookie requires the entire bowl of frosting! Looks like she is having fun!

Kiy said...

What a wonderful activity! Looks like she really enjoyed it, what fun. I too have all the ingredients and stuff on hand, just haven't been brave enough to actually attempt it (after the other cookie fiasco!). It may be an after-Christmas activity for some lazy after noon next week.

Oh, and I am impressed you gave her one of those writing fronting things. If I did that with Em, I could only imagine the mess! Yikes! I frosted our regular cookies with tub frosting and then gave Em the sprinkles. Next time, she gets a tiny bowl of sprinkles, lol!

Good luck, it really looked like fun,


Beth said...

We baked all morning here, too. I have been discouraged so far because every time I think we're going to have the Christmas Cookie Experience, Hope's schedule says otherwise and we don't seem to have enough patience to make it happen. So, being home this morning was wonderful. We worked on a birthday cake for Jesus and Grandpa (yup, my father's birthday is Christmas Eve), and then made some puppy chow. Mmmmm!

Our little chef is sleeping now, but the cake decorating should be a fun experience after nap. haha

Muriel Pfeifer said...

Frosting is easy! Just powder sugar and a few drops of water. Use food coloring (a drop is enough) and stir. (If it's too thin, more powder sugar.)

This is a memory you'll have through your entire life! I'll give you all my cookie cutters.

Louanne said...

I love the photos. And an FYI for future reference Wilton sells cookie frosting in a bottle. I can make a royal frosting that will dry on the cookies, but the bottles are much easier with toddlers.

That's awesome that Daddy helped.