Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY #2- Toddler Tuesday Celebration @ Mall of America

This was today's fun event at the Mall of America. They had some crafts for the kids, yummy snacks & a Lion Dance was the highlight of the day. Most of the kids were scared of the lion, but enjoyed the drum music. Maddy danced her little heart out to the music, which was very cute.

A quick snuggle with Daddy before things kick-off

Sadie & Maddy playing with Legos early in the day @Legoland

Charlotte in her cute Chinese outfit

Tracy & Charlotte working on their activity

The Lion works the crowd

Ava, Hope & Olivia checking out the goods


Beth said...

Also - New baby Ellie in the back (behind O in your last photo). I work with Elianna's aunt so it was fun to actually meet her today. I've been hearing so much about her.

Fun to see you this morning! Sorry Hope stole Maddy's chair. :)

Kiy said...

Looks wonderful! Also, good to know of another fun thing to do with the kiddo for CNY. And inside where it's warm. That's a plus all the way around. Now to talk hubby into a loooong trip to MoA next year. :)

Cheers, Kiy

Jodi said...

Looks like everyone had a blast....The girls are still afraid of the lion, they were practicing at dance in the back room last week and surprised the kids by doing the lion dance, all the kids loved it except mine were crying.

Louanne said...

That's so super cute! I love the photo with the dragon.

Dawn S. said...

Super sweet!

Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, looks like so much fun and Maddy looks so adorable in that pink outfit, too cute:)