Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Years Ago today, our referral

Two years ago today we got the call we had been waiting to get for years telling us about Madison's referral. That call & the little picture that was e-mailed to us after has forever changed our life. We are so blessed to be Maddy's Mommy & Daddy and thank God every day for our daughter. Here is the then & now picture:


Muriel Pfeifer said...

Maddie has certainly made life different for you and Matt! Maddie is so precious. I'm glad we got to know her.

Beth said...

Congratulations! She is a special special girl...and cute too. :)

Tracy said...

Happy 2 years to my fellow 9/4/07 referral friend! Maddy is so beautiful! She has the best hair, too :)

Dan and Karen said...

I remember that day so well!! I just kept thinking...wow, these referrals DO happen! You gave us hope in a very dark time in our lives.

Karen & Dan