Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven't had time to post much as I've been busy with a project at work. Our big deadline in the week after next so hopefully things will start settling down a little. I am thankful today to have a job. I see so many people around me unemployed or having their hours cut and my heart goes out to them.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

What an adorable photo! Hope things calm down at work for you.

Dan and Karen said...

The photo of Maddy is precious!

I agree with you Tanya, I am very thankful for my job, especially in these economic times.

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful!


Jeff and Amy said...

Absolutely adorable picture of Maddy!!!!

Beth said...

Sweet pic! Are things slowing down for you? I'm with you - thankful for position for sure. I have to admit that I'm slightly overwhelmed just trying to keep up with it all though. Thanks for the reminder to count my blessings.