Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farewell after 26 years

We moved my mom last weekend out of her house of 26 years. I have been a little reflective this week about all of the memories I had in that house. My mom & I moved there when I was in Jr High after my parents split up. At the time it was both bitter & sweet. Bitter because of the circumstances that caused us to move to the house. Sweet because as a kid who formerly was a 'country kid' it was pretty awesome to become a 'town kid' having more things to do within walking and biking distance.

In this house I went on my first real date, started high school, went to many dances, proms etc. This is where I learned to drive, graduated from high school and spent weekends and some summers home from college. I graduated from college, started my first job in corporate America, met my husband & got married.

We hosted over 20 exchange students during our time in the house from about 15 different countries. Including the younger brother of our very first student from Brazil many years after she stayed with us. Because our house was in town it was often the hang out for friends after school, between events and just in general.

Most recently, this became 'Grandma Mommy's' house for our daughter. She knew just where to toys were kept and wasted no time after saying 'hi' to grandma making a bee-line for that cabinet.

Once again, I am at a bittersweet point in life. Sad to see mom moving out of the house that played such a big part of my life, but happy for her to begin a new chapter in hers. Her new place is an apartment with a beautiful lake view from every window and it sits right next to the only big park my hometown has to offer. Maddy has once again found the legos & grandma's bear at the new place and is happy to see grandma no matter where she is.

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Dan and Karen said...

I know how you feel Tanya! My parents moved from my childhood home (they lived there for 34 years) about 10 years ago and have moved 3 times since. Danika will never see the house Mamma grew up in and Dan never got to see it either. My stepdaughters loved the old house and it was a refuge for them during some traumatic growing up years.

Hope your mom settles in to her new place and you all can make some wonderful and lasting memories together there.