Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, January 14, 2011

1 Month as a family of 4

Yesterday marked 1 month since we welcomed our son into our family. It's amazing what a blessing he has been to us. He has really been woven into the fabric of our family so well. Every day we get to know him a little better and see his personality come out.

Here are a few things about Zeke (Yang Yang):
  1. He has one dimple that just melts your heart.
  2. He loves to play 'Mao, Mao' (Peek-a-Boo) when ever he gets in trouble.
  3. He loves meat & anything sweet (this doesn't surprise us since the orphanage put sugar in his bottle).
  4. He wants to take a bath every time he goes into the bathroom.
  5. He follows his big sister around & plays along w/what she wants to do.
  6. He is very vocal & expressive when he doesn't like something (although we don't understand what he's saying, we are sure we must be getting a cussing out in Chinese).
  7. He is now one of our dog Samson's biggest fans (even though he was scared of the dog for about a week).
  8. He loves getting his hands on Mama's cell phone every chance he gets & then walks around saying 'Way' (hello in Chinese when answering the phone).

Here's a little video of him:


Tracy said...

Love the video - he's adorable! Too cute that he goes on and on in Chinese when he doesn't like something. And I love that he loves bath - boy after my own heart.

Mary said...

I understood mama and papa. He is such a blessing. Your home will never be the same! LOL Enjoy every moment it passes by fast.I am so happy for you and Pastor Matt.

Adam Emanoff said...

SO adorable!

Auntie Shanita said...

I'll have to get a bigger bathtub, since Maddy likes to take a bath nearly every time she comes to visit! Somehow I think I'll manage. Can't wait for my first opportunity ...

Louanne said...

I van't believe it's been a month! Love the video, thanks for sharing.

June said...

He is so adorable. I love the fact that he is very vocal and expressive. When I met him at the play date, I am impressed that how much English he can understand within 2 months. Children can absorb new languages so quickly at this age.