Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home 10 days now

This post goes out by special request to one of my co-workers (you know who you are: ).

I've been meaning to do an update, really but time's just kind of slipped away. We managed to get everyone back on the same timezone about a week after our return. Zeke has really been settling into our family well and is starting to get the hang of our daily routine. I have about 5 weeks left before I return to work so I am attempting to savor every moment.

We have been trying to limit our daily routine to one diversion (family visit, outing, medical appointment,etc.) a day as Zeke tends to get overwhelmed w/sensory input if we do anything more. We can tell when he has been over stimulated by people or places on a given day as he has a hard time at night (thing was something we went thru w/Maddy). His life prior to our family was very routine w/limited play time, toys etc. so we need to be careful about slowly building him up. He is usually ready for a nap by 10 am purely due to the exhaustion of keeping up w/a new language & a new place w/so much to do.

We went for a little outdoor walk last week so Zeke could experience his first snow. He wasn't quite sure what to think.

Each day he picks up a little English each day and is rapidly expanding his vocabulary. Today he told me 'Jie, Jie (big sister) all done' and handed me her empty water cup. He still attempts to speak to us in Mandarin often but I am guessing after so many blank stares from us at some point he will stop. He really is just personality plus & quite a little charmer.

Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve

Giving Daddy medical attention

Rolling through the mall in the new double swagger wagon

Giving us his best Fonz impression


Tracy said...

Love the Fonz pic of the two of them!

Louanne said...

HA HA! I love the medical attention one.

If Nadia saw the fonz one she would say, "Thumbs up like the Michelin man" (since she loves the michelin man, even though we don't have their tires)

Muriel Pfeifer said...

Zeke is really a charmer. I was surprised he went to each of us on Sunday-no holding back. He seems to be quite intelligent too!

Jen said...

So fun to see him adjusting so well! Love the pictures!

Dan and Karen said...

Such darling photos! Great to read you are settling in well and that you are all on the same time zone now. I know what a relief that is!

Thanks for the update!