Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Saturday, September 29, 2007

We have travel dates....22 Day count down

This was a fast week, we got word of our Consulate Appointment, booked airline tickets & got the final trip itinerary all within about 2 days. We will be leaving for Beijing on 10/22 and will meet Madison on 10/28! It's hard to imagine that 22 days from today we will finally be on the last leg of this 2+ year journey (and getting ready to start a whole new one as a family of three).

Our trip goes as follows:

10/22 Leave MSP (transfer in Detroit)
10/23 Arrive Beijing at night
10/24-10/27 Sight see & adjust to the time change
10/28 Fly to Nanchang & Meet Maddy in the afternoon!!
10/29-11/1 Finalize adoption & take in a few sites in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.
11/2 Fly to Guangzhou (stay at White Swan)
11/3-11/4 Medical exam & complete paperwork for the US Consulate
11/5 Consulate Appointment
11/6 Citizen Swearing In Ceremony @ the consulate
11/7 Leave for Home - arrive 2:30 pm same day (due to time change)

We also got word that our items for the care package made it to Ann @ Red Thread so she has assembled everything & sent it off to the Orphanage. We weren't sure if our package was going to make it to her, so it brought a tear to our eyes to see our stuff all ready to go! There was much prayer involved for the package to make it safely and we thank God that everything came together. Here is the picture:


Michelle & John said...

When I have followed a family along the journey, I pray for them during the entire trip! You will be on my list every day!!! Looking forward to new pictures!!!!

RoLo said...

We will be counting down for you as well. Cant wait to see you posting from China.

Amy said...

Congrats on getting your travel dates! Have a wonderful trip if I don't see you before then :)

Tracy said...

So glad to know your care package made it to Maddy!!

I think our CA may be the same day as yours - we will know tomorrow I hope!!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

Oh wait - I mean that the care package is ready to go (and yes, it will make it I am sure!)