Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, September 21, 2007

We received our travel approval today!

Our agency e-mailed us today with our travel invitation letters from China. We are so excited to be one step closer in our journey to Madison. Next week we should have our Consulate Appointments set in Guangzhou & then our itinerary will be set. We are hoping to be able to actually book our tickets end of next week!

This is going very fast (of course there is still an element of slowness knowing that she is still there waiting for us). Tonite we worked on our packing list so we can feel a little more organized.

Last week we sent a care package to Madison with a blanket, camera, & a photo book with our pictures. These were sent to a lady in China that does Care Packages who will add a few other items & translate our letter for us.

We have also put a few finishing touches on the nursery:


Lisa said...

Ilove the bookcase! Where did you get it??

RoLo said...

heheh I am on the same page as Lisa......I was just going to type the exact question when I saw her comment!!!!

Maddys Mom said...

We actually got it @ Target. They have different color bins that you can put in it to match the colors of your decor.

Amy said...

Nursery looks great! Congrats on getting TA! Start packing :)

Tracy said...

The nursery looks so great!

Yay for TA! How fun that we could be leaving right around the same time. Hopefully we can meet up in Guangzhou.