Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beijing Day 2

Today we took a Hutong Tour thru old Beijing in a rickshaw. The Hutongs are old houses that were created during the Yuan, Ming, & Qing dynasties. They are basically courtyard houses that have 4 sections that were divided by a person’s importance in the family. It was fun to be part of the rickshaw traffic jam that happened at a few points.

We also ventured out to the Summer Palace which was much further than we thought. We were pleasantly surprised by this attraction and spent a couple of hours walking around looking at the beautiful lake. This palace was built by the royal family as a get away. It is situated on Kumming Lake & is beautiful. There is so much beautiful art work is incorporated into the walk ways & buildings. The whole place would take at least a day or more to see as it is 290 hectares.

Our whole group is now here & tomorrow is the first time we will all do something together. Only 3 more sleeps until we see Maddy.


Amy said...

Looks like you're havinga great time!

Michael and Gina said...

Thanks for the link to your blog! I will be watching for pictures of your little one. Gina (Caleeo)

RoLo said...

Sounds and looks like you are having fun.

Todd, Katie & O-Dawg said...

Eagerly awaiting any news you may have - this site is great. Photos are fun so keep them coming as we join you on this journey. Matt, I was wondering what an Aussie might say if they got their finger cut off in those train doors ..."ooo,bugger me!":) Praying for you guys! The crew at work say "hi!"