Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Officially a family of 3

On Monday the adoption was finalized. We prepared our paperwork ahead of time in a hotel conference room where we signed and put out thumb prints over our signature. We used a red ink that is used for official documents in China. We also had to put Maddy’s footprint in red on the paperwork. I guess that must be the Chinese way of having the child go along with the adoption. It turned out to be a long day as we headed back to the Civil Affairs office to file our paperwork and get an interview about why we wanted to adopt & what our plans for her future are. We must have answered the questions ok because about 30 minutes later we emerged with a red leather folder holding the official document stating that we are officially her parents. Jiangxi Province also gives each family a porcelain vase as a memento in a beautiful red box.
This province is famous for its porcelain so that was a nice keepsake to get.

In addition to the civil affairs office we made a stop at the notary office to have the paperwork approved and under go another series of questions. Thankfully our group got in just before 2 other groups with about 20 other families. Our guide told us that there are 80 families in town this week adopting babies. At our hotel we have seen families from Spain & France in addition to the US. It has been so fun to see all of the babies & hear them speaking to them in their own language. The third and final stop was to the local police station for an attempt to have the babies picture taken at the police department so they can start a file on her (maybe they think she will try to rob a bank or commit some other heinous crime and then flee the country over the course of the next several days...?). Apparently, the police never received the paperwork for any of the groups so we all will have to make appointments to go back tomorrow.

We came back even more exhausted than the day before and everyone was in bed by 9:00. Bonding with Maddy is progressing, although for a period each night she is almost inconsolable and in her crying she seems to be calling out mama. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but perhaps she is mourning the loss of her foster mother. Either way, we just hope that this part gets easier. We gave Maddy a bath tonight, she did not enjoy this very much, and we wonder if she’s ever had one before? Hope this gets easier as well. She has really bonded with daddy & will tolerate mommy for short time periods. She really does not like being in the hotel room so when she gets fussy a trip to the restaurant downstairs helps to calm her right down. Her paperwork said she loves to play outside & this is obvious as she just coos whenever we go out for walks.


Muriel Pfeifer said...

Finally! It's been a long wait and Maddy is just beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.

Judi said...

Hi! Came to your blog via china adoption sites. Your baby girl's beautiful! Sweet little peanut. FYI: it's the police who issue passports and exit visas for the kids so once you had the final adoption papers in hand, requests for those could be made.
Enjoy! Judi

Amy said...

Oh you guys look so cute! Looks like she's doing great :)

Todd, Katie & O-Dawg said...

Have really enjoyed following your progress. Olivia was the same in the hotel we stayed at in Portland, in the room was bad news,anywhere else she was nice and quiet:) Everything is fine at the house, Olivia and I went and played with Prissie again tonight, tried to break her in for Maddy's arrival - not too interested in these "little people":) Keep posting, we're praying for you!

Amy said...

Hey Guys - just wanted to say congratulations on your new family! Maddy is so adorable and we cannot wait to meet her in person. Looks and sounds like she is pretty attached to her daddy - another daddy's girl in the making! Congrats to you all and wishing you a safe trip back home.
Luv, Chuck and Amy, Téa and Mya