Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Out & about in Nanchang

Now that the paperwork for the adoption has been completed, we have a few days to spend in Nanchang until we receive Maddy’s passport. We have been going out & about between nap time to visit the city. We have gone to the Teng Weng Pavilion that was originally built during the Tang Dynasty period. This has been rebuilt several times thru history. We also visited the local Walmart to stock up on a few supplies that the local grocery store does not have. There are not many westerners here so we tend to get quite a few stares when we are out around town. At the Pavilion there were several groups of school children visiting and our group got mobbed on various occasions by kids wanting to practice their English, see the baby or try to get in a few pictures.

Maddy is doing a little better each day & we get to see her personality come thru a little more every day. Matt & one of the other moms in the group got sick last night. Please keep them in your prayers. It seems that it was probably something they ate at a local restaurant yesterday so perhaps it will be short lived. We got her to sit in a high chair yesterday which let daddy’s arms get a rest for a while. Maddy is starting to warm up to me a little more & has actually let me hold her a few times for a short bit. We went out for our daily trip to the grocery store up the block & let me take her in the carrier without daddy being there. She loves getting outside so it really didn’t make much difference who carried her just as long as she could go. That was quite a victory.

We plan to visit a few more sites today & go do some shopping at a local porcelain store. One of the babies in the group turns one tomorrow so we will have a small party for her. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words via posts & e-mails and especially for your prayers. I am having issues with uploading pictures so I will try later.


Dan & Karen Herman said...

Thanks so much for the update, and we will at Matt and the other Mom who isn't feeling well to our prayer list. It's so fun to read updates and hear the progress Madison is making adjusting to her new life.


Anne Unser said...

Hey Matt, Tanya and Madison- I am so glad you guys are keeping the blog updated its really nice to see how your new family is coming together We are so happy for you guys!!! We love you and can't wait to meet Madison. Annie Dan and Brett

Mike Winter said...

It's awesome being able to see the progress of things and know how it's all going over there. We'll keep praying for you, and can't wait until you're back home with Maddy!


P.S. Matt - am I going to have to hold the light for you when you get back?

RoLo said...

Hope Matt and the other mom on recovering. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Amy said...

Hey guys...how was the plane ride to GZ? That was my favorite city & the White Swan was so nice!

Manis said...

Nice to see your pics. Maddy is cute! Good enough to be eaten :P Especially those ears! *YUM*

Congratulations to both of you and keep posting those pics.


Sals said...

Good Afternoon
I am currently posting out trip to China to adopt twins and found your blog, while searching for information on the Teng wang Pavillion in Nanchange, Our daughters are from the jiangxi Provience too and from the Fu Zhou SWI. Please visit my blog.....thanks...Sals