Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Made it to Guangzhou

Well our last day or so in Nanchang found us taking turns being sick. We are both better now & in the balmy city of Guangzhou. Maddy’s first flight really well with no major breakdowns. We were pleasantly surprised at how well she handled take off & landing.
We found some very beautiful porcelain in Nanchang (I sent Matt with a list since I was sick – he did very well on picking out pieces). It was a little sad leaving her province since it will likely be a while before we return. We are hopeful to one day come back though when she is a little older so she can get so know her home province & specifically Leping (the city where she came from).

Our first night was very rough as it was a new place for the little peanut. We got awoken to a crabby baby every couple of hours. We had medical exams & visa pictures at 8:30 am so the morning came very early today on little sleep. The good news is the exams went well for all of the babies in the group with very little crying. Some of the hygienic nightmares we had heard about from other blogs were not found to be true in the clinic we went.

Today we explored the island & made some notes about which shops have what items at what prices. It’s funny how in some places where the competition is nearby, they punch the price into a calculator so as not to tip their hand to the other vendors. We were able to find something that started at 30 Yuan (about 4 USD) in one place & ended up to be 15 Yuan at another place.

While we are enjoying our stay in China, we are getting very anxious to get home & get everyone into a routine. Tonite we are going with our group to the infamous Lucy’s for dinner. I have run into one person I know that I used to work with, she is baby for her second baby. We are hoping to run into some of our RQ buddies & hopefully Tracy & Adam.


Muriel Pfeifer said...

I'm sure you're getting a little tired from all your traveling. It'll be wonderful to have you home. Hope both of you are feeing better now! Love you!

Todd, Katie & O-Dawg said...

Hi baby Madison! This is Olivia, I am looking at your pictures and can't wait to meet you - you look fun. I have all kinds of games we can play together. Today I am going to go play in the leaves at your house while my dad cleans them up. See you soon. Love Olivia

Amy said...

Glad you made it GZ! Did you like Lucy's? We ate there several times...its nice to get American type food :) Enjoy GZ!

Morris said...

hey! i'm just jumping in now and trying to catch up on the details of your trip but it sounds like it's been both wonderful and challenging. madison is beautiful! i'm so thrilled for you guys and i'm praying that you stay healthy for the rest of your trip. have fun!

Kelly & Sindy said...


You have such a beautiful family
I have loved following your blog!

Have a safe trip home!!!!

Sindy ( Allie's Mama)