Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We have been doing some odds & ends around the house and yard this weekend. We visited a nice nursery yesterday that sells perennials that is located in Lino Lakes. It is located in the woods & had trails covered with samples of what they sell to get an idea of what the hostas, lilies, bushes etc. look like in action. Maddy had a lot of fun seeing walking around the trails and looking at the fishes in their pond. She also got to ride on the cart daddy was pulling to collect our purchases.

Our lilacs are in full bloom in the yard this weekend, so I have been in heaven. These are my favorite flowers (I actually has them as my wedding flower). Here is a picture of Maddy & I by the lilacs:

I want to give a couple of birthday shout outs to Auntie Janita & our nephew Isaac (he turns 2 today!).

Please take time this weekend to remember those who have laid their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day.

Maddy looks like she is text messaging (Thanks Uncle Scott & Izzy for the chair!)


Louanne said...

I love the shot of her on the cart. Looks like she was having a big time.

Kelly & Sindy said...


Love all the new photos!!! Looks
like she was having a blast!!!
I'm here in the desert, I wish
I could have beautiful plants
like that now!!!! I'm jealous!!!

Have a great holiday!!!


Amy said...

That nursery sounds like a cool place...you'll have to send me some info on it.

Jeff and Amy said...

Maddy is such a little cutie, love the texting picture they learn way too quickly!!! I also love lilac bushes, had our first blooms this year and oh the smell!!!!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Great pictures! Maddy is so adorable! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

Beth said...

Maddy is adorable! Isn't is so fun to watch the girls explore? Hope's favorite place to be is outside, too. We also have lilacs in the back yard but our bush is pretty tiny yet and only has a couple of blossoms. I love when they bloom though. It brings back so many memories from growing up and visiting my Grandma's old farm. If you had lilacs for your wedding, you must be celebrating an anniversary soon???