Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, May 19, 2008


It's amazing how routine our life has gotten with a 15 month old. Bath time at 7:30, play in the tub with all of the tub toys, lotion & jammies and then books & milk. Maddy has her dolly that she loves to snuggle with when it comes to bedtime. Lately as soon as the last book is finished & she's had a bit of milk, she asks for dolly. She says 'da,da' but that really means 'I am ready to lay down with dolly & go night, night.'

With the weather being nicer she is also really digging the whole walk & go to the park routine. She loves to swing & go down the slide. The only bad thing is the mini meltdown that occurs when it's time to leave. It helps on our walk home to go by the lake & see the duckies.

Here is Maddy & Mommy reading a book before bedtime:


Kelly & Sindy said...


I know it's amazing the routine
thing. Before Allie, what'a a
routine??/ LOL!!! LOVE THE PIC

Amy said...

So cute reading a book together :) Olivia flips the pages before I can read them, so we need to work on that.

Jeff and Amy said...

What a sweet picture, think that is all we do when I get home is read books, usually the same 4 over and over and over again. LOL

Louanne said...

I love it. The best thing is teaching them the joy of reading now. If they see you enjoy it, it will make their schooling easier later. But sometimes I just don't want to read Hop on Pop anymore. Hee hee.