Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scrapbooking Sunday

Today some of the MN Red Thread moms got together to do a little scrapbooking & work on life books. We had about 1/2 paper & 1/2 digital scrappers so it was fun to see the different approaches. We had a lot of fun sharing stories and talking about our travels to China and other places. There were also a few waiting moms there so it was fun to share tips with them & help them pass the time a little bit during their wait. I remember how helpful it was for me when we waited to be around other families and to get advice for those home with baby. It's so nice to be part of such a sharing & caring community!

Here is a picture of the event:

This is a picture of Maddy getting ready for summer trying on one of her hats:


Louanne said...

That's so fun! I love the hat.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for hosting this, Tanya. I am so happy that I got 4 pages done, and you have just the right space for it. And the tasty cookies, too.

Maddy is soooooo cute. I made sure Adam kept Charlotte up a little bit later than normal just so I could see her afterwards as after seeing Maddy, I missed Charlotte more! Plus Charlotte had a long nap yesterday, so I figured she could wait up a half hour longer.

I sent the picture of Maddy that I took to Adam's phone, and Charlotte kept saying "Maddy!" clear as day!

Maddys Mom said...

That is so cute that Charlotte knows Maddy's name. We'll have to get them together for a play date sometime soon.

Kelly & Sindy said...


Loved all the new photos and
Happy belated Mother's Day
It sounds like you all were
scrapbooking!!! I brought all
my sutff with me on vacation
and didn't touch a single page

Have a beautiful day!!