Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back home, settling in

Red Couch Photo of our Hubei Honey

Photo w/Nai Nai (wearing their Di Di, Jie Jie & Nai Nai shirts)

Brother & Sister on the infamous Red Couch @ the White Swan

We made it back safely on Christmas Eve. Sleep was a precious commodity doled out sparingly on the flights home. There was a medical emergency on the flight from Tokyo to MSP, this was something we had only seen on TV or the movies so it was quite an experience. After a couple of pleas in several languages by the flight attendants for a doctor, one was found. He was sitting next to Linda & sprung into action immediately once he realized the request. The passenger made it to Minneapolis & was ushered off by paramedics once we landed.

It was such a wonderful feeling to go through immigration as MSP knowing our son is finally a US Citizen. We were greeted by friends of ours that have kids from China- what a blessing to get such a warm welcome. We were additionally blessed by all the people (friends, family & neighbors) that pitched in to ensure our walk was cleared of snow, repair an issue w/our house, to stock or fridge w/some groceries, & send a box of wrapped Christmas gifts for the us and the kids. What a huge relief to come home to such a warm welcome.

We had a very low key Christmas at home & spent most of the day sleeping on & off. The road to resuming a normal schedule will be long, but overall our hearts are overflowing with happiness at becoming a family of four. As I write this post I am listening to the kids fight (one in English the other in Chinese), ah the sounds of normalcy.


Mommy to Samantha & Madison said...

Welcome Home! Enjoyed following your journey to your son!

Jen said...

So glad you're home!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Tanya! Welcome home. When you are up to it, let's touch base about a visit. We have a larger team now, and would love to connect in Jan!