Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Around Wuhan

A vision of cuteness

Outside the museum

Out for lunch

Lunch w/our guide

Brushing teeth w/Mama

We visited the Hubei Provincial museum yesterday. The exhibit we saw was very interesting- it was a fairly recent excavation of a tomb found in Hubei of a Marquis. There were many similarities between the way the dead were buried in Ancient China compared to Egypt. Many artifacts for use in the 'after life' according to the customs of the day.

It's been very cold here & in fact yesterday it snowed which is not very common for Hubei Province. That has put a little hindrance in what we have been able to do (outside sights). The other thing that is interesting is that in areas south of the Yangtze River, homes & buildings are not provided government provided heat. It was a cold visit to the museum as parts were not heated. Part of the crew also went to the Stone & Wood museum as there is a rare stone (Chrysanthemum Stone) found here in Hubei & we wanted to buy a memento for our son that is unique to Hubei.

Yang Yang is adapting pretty well & we see more or his personality come out a little each day. He is quite a little jokester- last night he was hiding under one of the chairs in our room & peaking his head out saying 'meow, meow.' He gets a little smirk on his face when he is being mischievous. Maddy is slowly warming up to her brother but it will take time to get used to sharing our attention. We are so thankful for Linda (Matt's mom) being w/us as she has been a huge blessing w/her help.


Dan and Karen said...

Great update! We are continuing to pray. I know Maddy's adjustment will be difficult but it will come - sooner than you think!

We are loving your updates!

Karen, Dan, Danika and Sienna

Tracy said...

Sounds cold there!

he's such a cutie. Looks like he has always been with you!

Jen said...

Another great update...and great pictures!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Thanks for the update! I've LOVED seeing the pictures. What a precious gift from God!!

Louanne said...

he is really adorable! the tooth brushing photo is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Tanya -- CONGRATULATIONS on your expanded family. Your son looks so happy to be with his Mama, Daddy and big sister. I pray for you all and a peaceful trip "home"!


Anonymous said...

Tanya -- CONGRATULATIONS to you and your new family.

It has been fun following your journey. Your son looks so happy with his Mama, Daddy and BIG Sister. I pray for a peaceful trip "home".