Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wuhan to Guangzhou

We wrapped up our official buiness in Wuhan by Noon on Friday with the finale being the receipt of Zeke's Chinese passport. He had his first official taste of McDonalds before we headed out.

One funny little fact we learned about Chinese culture- instead of playing Peek-a-Boo (which Boo / Bu means 'no' in Chinese), they play ' mao-mao' with the kids. We had to laugh when our guide old us this because we thought when Zeke was sliding from under the chair saying this to us that they had cats at the orphanage: ).

We opted to take the bullet train instead of fly from Wuhan to Guangzhou. This train is China's fastest & finest with the ability to get up to 400 kilometers per hour (248 miles per hour). The train we were on only topped out at about 346 (215 miles/hour) which as still a pretty healthy clip. Our trip had one stop in Changsha (a shout out to my friends w/kids from Hunan: ). The train is definately the way to travel, it was very nice inside & the train depots in each city seemed nicer than the airports. We got to see some very unique sites traveling this way that we likely would have never seen on the beaten path.

Wuhan Train Station

Guangzhou South Station

We arrived safely in Guangzhou about 6:30 last night & have settled in for a 6 day visit to Shamian Island. Matt, Maddy & Linda went to visit Zeke's Orphanage on Thursday, Matt will post about that along w/some pictures later.


Tracy said...

yay for the bullet train! Have a good time in GZ.

Jen said...

One more step completed! Yeah!

Chris said...

The bullet train sounds like a good way to travel! Wish we would have thought of that! Yeah for Changsha!!! Glad to hear you are safely in Guangzhou and one step closer to bringing your son home!

Louanne said...

the train sounds very cool

Dan and Karen said...

So glad you made it to GZ safely and loved hearing about Zeke's orphange.

Don't forget our marble carving at Sherry's Place in Guangzhou! :-) Can't wait to hear of your safe arrival home (and photos of course) :-)

Merry Christmas!