Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Final Step - US Consulate Appointment & Swearing In Ceremony

We completed the final step of our paperwork here in China today. Our Consulate Appointment was in the morning & this afternoon we took the oath of citizenship on behalf of our son, once we land in the US he will be an official citizen. It is such an honor to be part of this important day in our son's life (in addition to the 40 or 50 kids there today w/their parents). We hope that some day Zeke will understand the full meaning of being a US Citizen in addition to relishing his Chinese hertitage. It's such a relief to be done with this part of the trip, now we can concentrate on completing our shopping & packing up.

Ready to go to the consulate!

We had a celebratory dinner tonight at the Orient Express (French Restaurant here on the Island). The food was excellent, but the mosquitoes were dead set on having their dinner too so we had to move inside to finish our meal.

I will try to post one more time, we will take a van to Hong Kong on Thursday to stay the night in an airport hotel before leaving out bright & early Friday morning. We will leave @ 8 am on Christmas Eve here & arrive @ 11 am Christmas Eve at home. Not a bad deal if I had to pick a day to do over: )

After the ceremony, same spot we stood w/Maddy & our travel group 3 years ago


Jen said...


Louanne said...

that is GREAt!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Yeah for your family.

Safe travels home!!!

Mommy to Samantha & Madison said...

Congratulations! You are in the home stretch now!

The Roth Family

Shelle said...

Wishing you guys a safe and speedy trip home! Loved following along on your trip. Looking forward to meeting Zeke Yang-Yang! (Mattea is Yang-Yang too, she thinks it's neat that they have the same name.)

Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

You should've landed a few minutes ago!!! Hope everything went very smoothly. It has been an honor to "travel" with you again! Merry Christmas Hinton, family of 4!

The Pudwill Family said...

Yeah! Welcome home, Hinton's! I hope the four of you settle in for some well-earned rest at home as you prepare for a joyous New Year!