Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Officially part of the family

We completed the official paperwork to make our son legally part of our family. We headed back to the Civil Affairs Office to complete this part of the journey in the morning. The orphanage staff came again today to be part of the formalities, they were excited to see their little Yang Yang again (and quickly gave his clothes an inspection to make sure he had enough layers on: ).

There was a bit of sad news today- one of the families decided not to go through with their adoption. The little 5-6 year old girl was returned to the orphanage director and was at the civil affairs office when we arrived. We do not know the full details only that she was more than the family felt able to handle. Please pray that this little one is able to find a suitable family.

After naptime today we went to Carrefour to pick up a few supplies. We decided to have dinner at KFC since it was impossible to get a taxi back during rush hour. KFC has a little slide that Zeke noticed right away. He & Maddy tried it out after dinner and had fun playing there for a while. Zeke is doing really well, our biggest challenge is communicating with him. We had our guide write a little cheat sheet with a few key phrases to help us remember certain words.

Zeke's Daddy:
Yang Yang (Zeke) is such a sweet little boy. He is so curious and it is such a treat to watch him discover new things in his ever expanding little world. He is quite affectionate and has really taken to his mama already, but still has plenty of love to share with his baba. We had fun just before naptime time wrestling and tickling I love hearing him laugh and seeing him smile or seeing his expression when he tries something new to eat like this mornings toast with jam or an M&M (he gets wide eyed and his eyebrows go up) he is really something!!!

I just can't get over how sweet his disposition is, although when he gets tired he gets a bit mischievous and a little naughty. We have definitely been blessed once again. He's asleep right now, but I am excited thinking about the things we will do and share with him tomorrow!

Maddy seems to like her little brother as well, but is showing signs that she may not be entirely ready to share mom and daddy. I'm hoping that over the next few days she will warm up to the concept that mommy and daddy are just as enamoured with her as before we just need to share our time with her new brother.


Jen said...

Yeah for your official family day! We'll be praying that you all (including Maddy) continue to adjust to being a family of 4. We'll also pray for the little girl who went back to the orphanage--how heartbreaking. And wow...is Zeke a cutie!

Tracy said...

Charlotte loved the pictures of your trip - and she is very excited that Zeke can stand up all by himself ;)

Lacey said...

he is such a cutie =]

Dan and Karen said...

Congratulations on the official adoption, I know what a great feeling that is! We are praying for your journey and for the other family who could not finalize the adoption as well as the girl who was returned...our hearts are with her.

Can't wait for more pictures and to follow more of your journey!

Dan, Karen, Danika & Sienna

Louanne said...

WOO HOO!!!! He is super cute! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

One Fine Lady said...

It's so great to be able to follow your trip. I love the pics...Zeke looks like a content little boy who fits in perfectly.
So sad that the little girl didn't yet find her Forever Family.

Retail Mgr. said...

So happy for you! He's adorable and so lucky to have you and for you to have him! God bless and safe travels!