Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hong Kong Day 3 - Stanley

Our third day on Hong Kong took us outside of the city to the Repulse Bay / Stanley area. We extended our Big Bus ticket for another day & had a great ride out along the cost with some spectacular views of the South China Sea. We got off at Stanley that has a market & lots of places to eat along the beach.

Matt helped the locals clean up while we waited for the bus, they got a real kick out of this

The Big Bus

We did a little more shopping than we had intended to do but found some great bargains. The market at Stanley maybe isn't the best prices compared to the inner city market but the atmosphere is low key & a great place to look without harassment.

We have one full day left before we head to Wuhan. Only 3 more days until we meet Zeke!


Dan and Karen said...

Such a fun post! Matt, so glad to know you "do floors" :-)

We are so anxious for Zeke photos and are continuing to pray!

Dan, Karen, Danika & Sienna

Elizabeth said...

Hi. Glad you made it safely. Looks like an eventful 3 days!

Jen said...

I love the updates! I can't wait to see the pictures with Zeke soon!

Tracy said...

When you went through Repulse Bay, did you see the big apartment with the hole in the middle? That's where my brother lives - and they live in the center of the hole!