Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Day: up & down Hong Kong

For our final day in HK, we did a lot of walking & venturing into the Central area. We started our day with an adventure to the zoo- we started out on the shuttle from our hotel bound for Central Station so we could take the metro to the zoo. Our overly helpful friends on the bus insisted that we get off a stop earlier from the shuttle as it was closer to the zoo. We attempted a bus from that local station only to find out we took it the wrong direction (basically paying about .50 per block). We eventually took a taxi to get us to the zoo.

We next hit the central HK escalator that is quite a site to behold. This runs approx 2600 feet from top to bottom and serves as a means for some to commute to work daily. From 6-10 am it runs downhill into the Central District and for the remainder of the day it switches direction. There is quite a little community of shops & restaurants that have built up around it.

Our final stop of the daytime was Central Plaza, one of the tall buildings in HK. We went up to the observation deck & saw some amazing 360 views of the city. This building is unique in that there is a church located on the 76th floor. We attempted a visit there only to find out that it's only open on Sundays.

We headed back to the escalator for dinner at Fat Angelo's which had amazingly good Italian food. As I write this we are in the processing of getting our luggage jostled around so we can meet the weight standards for tomorrow's flight to Wuhan. We are close & are hoping for a pound or so mercy on our bags w/the airline. We are signing off from Hong Kong after an amazing 4 day adventure, we will attempt to use our VPN to get thru the Great Firewall for posts once in Wuhan.


Beth said...

Amazing!!! Can't wait to see you with your son!!! So close now! Enjoy Wuhan. I know Linda is excited to meet you, too. I hope it works out.

Tracy said...

Aren't the mid-level escalators amazing? Adam and I were so excited about them when we were there on our honeymoon - and then when I shopped with my sister-in-law a few years later, I realized how practical they are, too.

Love the picture of Maddy on the stairs.

Yay! Next stop - Wuhan!

Jen said...

Awesome pictures! Have a good trip to Wuhan.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Wow...I get the chills EVERYTIME I read your updates.

Praying for safe travels...and an amazing...time as you meet..your precious son!


Renee said...

How exciting! Have a great trip to Wuhan!