Hintons 2015

Hintons 2015

Monday, December 20, 2010

Life in Guangzhou

We are on our 3rd full day on Shamian Island and love it here. It's so nice to be able to get out and walk around. There have been a lot of improvements since we were here 3 years ago in prep for the Asia Games that are just finishing up (the main games were in Nov & now it's the para games). There are beautiful gardens & a new little jogging track/exercise area. We are also staying in a different hotel than last time & really love it as it is much lower key (& cheaper) than the White Swan.

We went to church yesterday, it was sweet because the kids were doing there Christmas performance. Additionally, we went to the Zoo & our guide took us out for a yummy Cantonese dinner. Today we have been doing a little shopping.

Zeke loves to go out in the stroller & quite often will go sit in the stroller in our room until someone pushes him around. We are discovering lots of things about Zeke, especially what a little charmer (read manipulator) sometimes. He has learned the art of getting his way so we are working with him on this. He really is a good little boy, he just gets a bit naughty when he is overtired & hungry.
Maddy is starting to take her job as a big sister very seriously, in fact she is quick to tell us when her Di Di is doing something wrong or scold him herself. She did have one incident where I saw her stick up for her brother when another child was getting in Zeke's face so I commend her on quickly learning this.

Zeke got an all clear today for his TB test so we are good to go for the Consulate Appt tomorrow. They have changed things slightly so we have the CA & Swearing In Ceremony on the same day. We still have to wait until Thursday afternoon for our visa so we ask for your prayers that we will be able to get this earlier so we can head out to Hong Kong sooner to settle into the last night of our hotel stays before flying out Friday morning.


Jen said...

Thanks for the great updates! It sounds like Maddy is embracing ALL aspects of big sister-hood!

Auntie Shanita said...

You're in the home stretch now, it has been so fun to follow you all on the trip, its made the wait a bit more bearable. I love the fact that Maddy is now the big sister!

Dan and Karen said...

Loving your updates! Shamain was a MESS when we were there, so fun to see it so beautiful.

Sounds like Maddy is a pro at being a big sister!

Checked on Marble Carving, it is done for sure and should be at Sherry's now.

Blessings for your journey home, many prayers for the long flight home.

Dan, Karen, Danika and Sienna